In September John Foley, Chris Brady and I, travelled to Germany for the DrinkTec trade show. The mission statement for this journey was to look at the new advancements in bottling machinery. We met with some of the industry’s key machinery suppliers and automation whizzes with the optimisation of our bottling lines in mind.

DrinkTec, held every four years, was abuzz with new innovations for beverage bottling. The trade show spanned across twelve halls, with over 75,000 visitors! Some notable new innovations included:

  • A robot that removes plastic shroud from glass bottle pallets. We are gathering more information on this.
  • Speedy in-line labelers, capable of , and can have multiple label application stations. There were also other great carousel labelers that caught our eyes.
  • Some new capsuling offers such as spin-on heads, pleating and sleeking heads.
  • Some new and improved fillers coming to the market, with an electro-pneumatic value and a reduction in DO and foaming during high speed filling.

It was interesting to see Europe in the same constraints as us, where demand is growing but costs are also increasing.

We are not alone in our challenges.



Peter Crowe – WineWorks CEO