packagingWe make things simple for you.

No longer do you have to think about ordering, wastage, storage, or running out of Dry Goods. Or worse, paying for them before you use them! – we take care of everything. At WineWorks, we stock and supply a wide range of packaging materials, approved by our quality and purchasing departments. And not only do you not have to do anything, but our purchasing team is there to support you, sourcing Dry Goods for you at the best price/quality mix that best suits your brand.

  • Bottles: We stock and supply glass bottles from a number of suppliers
  • Closures: WineWorks stocks and supplies a number of different closures from a range of suppliers, including:
    • Plain screw caps (Guala Closures)
    • Printed screw caps
    • PVC Capsules
    • Drawn aluminium capsule
  • Other Packaging Materials
    • Plain cartons – plain Kraft and white in various sizes to suit most bottles
    • Printed cartons – for your individual needs
    • Barcodes – printed barcode labels to EAN standard
    • Pallets – to suit any export or local market
    • Slip sheets
    • and of course everything you need for sparkling wine. Including the bubbles!

I accept this trophy happy in the knowledge that it has been bottled by Wineworks with all of the integrity that comes with that.

Alwyn Corban, Ngatarawa Wines, when accepting the Air NZ trophy for sweet wine

Wineworks is one of the best run facilities we have audited this year, in fact, probably ever.

A UK Based Auditor, for one of the large retailers