Mind the Gap is New Zealand’s first pay gap registry. It is available to all businesses who wish to start reporting gaps in pay between gender and ethnic groups.

This functions to help businesses measure existing discrepancies and to determine a starting point for improvement. For a more detailed understanding of what a pay gap is, and what Mind the Gap is all about, please click here.

At WineWorks, our pride is with our people, and the culture they create. They are what makes our business what it is today. By measuring gaps in wages, we are continuing our goal of making our workforce as equitable, diverse, and inclusive as possible. The collected data for our first reportage is from July 2023, and has set a benchmark for us to improve and address these pay gaps.

Main drivers in wage gaps:

  • Employees assigned to a non-standard shift system.
  • Employees on the skill shortage list.
  • Requirements of certain jobs.

Actions we will take:

  • More research into gender and ethnic representation in the workplace.
  • Drill down our data into eight grade-by-grade groups to further identify gaps.
  • Continue to collect annual data on this topic and publish accordingly.

By reporting on pay gaps within WineWorks, we hope that by being transparent about these numbers will give reassurance to our employees and clients that we are determined to address any grey areas. We also encourage our clients, our partners, and other businesses within the NZ Wine Industry to do the same, even if you have a small workforce.

Click here for the PDF report.