Mind the Gap – Pay Report

March 11, 2024

At WineWorks, we have just published our first report on pay gaps between gender and ethnicity. This will be a continuous effort as we join the already large number of New Zealand companies reporting on this... Read more

Vintage tonnage Sweepstake: How do the guesses look?

February 9, 2024

It looks as though there are a few pessimists out there - and with good reason! What, with the flowering all over the place and continuing dry conditions, it looks like it can only get worse - the spread of guesses... Read more

Holiday Business Hours

December 18, 2023

Over the summer holidays, our sites will be operating at a reduced frequency. Our bottling halls will be closed from December 22nd until the 8th of January, 2024. Warehouse and distribution will be operating at... Read more

WineWorks is Net Carbon Zero Certified!

December 7, 2023

Four years ago, we joined New Zealand’s most well-known organization for sustainability credentials: Toitū Envirocare. We pledged to reduce our carbon emissions by 30% with a deadline of 2023. The results are... Read more

Cyclone Gabrielle: WineWorks Hawke’s Bay closed – 15th Feb

February 14, 2023

Update 5pm Thurs 16th: Some good news - WineWorks Hawke's Bay now has power and we aim to start bottling on Monday (20th). There will be a small crew in tomorrow to put away glass, get prepared and ensure our... Read more

CO2 Shortage Announcement

January 12, 2023

Here’s an update from WineWorks Hawke’s Bay about the critical shortage of CO2 across the country, and how it will affect production: Kapuni – the last NZ liquid CO2 production plant in NZ has shut down. As... Read more

Toitū Update

December 6, 2022

As the first Toitū carbon-zero certified bottling company in New Zealand, the challenge we set ourselves was a 30% absolute reduction by 2023, regardless of industry growth. This was a big target and we had to... Read more

WineWorks Capacity Plan

WineWorks invests for the future

November 14, 2022

2022 has seen a huge change in the amount of wine that our clients need bottled, due to limited glass availability in our main markets, and supply chain woes. So WineWorks is stepping up to meet the challenge that... Read more

Hawke’s Bay Update – October 2022

October 20, 2022

Hello all, Here is a short State of the Nation for WineWorks Hawke’s Bay about our capacity constraints and some prospective solutions on the horizon. Capacity Constraints: The higher than usual demand... Read more

Visit to DrinkTec 2022, Europe

October 20, 2022

In September John Foley, Chris Brady and I, travelled to Germany for the DrinkTec trade show. The mission statement for this journey was to look at the new advancements in bottling machinery. We met with some of the... Read more