Leonie has been with us since the start and is therefore well and truly considered an expert on all things WineWorks.

Showing up on her first day as a temp to help with the opening of the new bottling plant in Marlborough, Leonie was approached to stay on for the next day – and she’s been coming back ever since!

More than 20 years down the track now, Leonie has covered all manner of skills in the bottling world – from being on the bottling line, quality control and lab analysis through to cellar work. She is now settled in Quality; cross checking our post-production records and generally making sure the place keeps ticking along and that the ever-important little things aren’t missed – especially as the place continues to grow and change!

‘If you’re looking for a job where you can have a lot of variety – apply to WineWorks’– Leonie loves our working atmosphere due to the great people, the opportunities and the laughs which she say are the number one contributor to ‘help turn the days into years’.

When not around WineWorks, Leonie is probably found tending to her much loved garden or zooming around New Zealand’s highways exploring somewhere new as she is the definitive road tripping explorer! Leonie has three daughters, who have bought her 7 gorgeous grandchildren – who all keep Leonie nicely entertained out of WineWorks hours.

Wineworks is one of the best run facilities we have audited this year, in fact, probably ever.

A UK Based Auditor, for one of the large retailers

When we started out, Wineworks were the only company we worked with who would say “Yes”

Gabrielle Simmers, &Co Limited