WineWorks Capacity Plan

2022 has seen a huge change in the amount of wine that our clients need bottled, due to limited glass availability in our main markets, and supply chain woes.
So WineWorks is stepping up to meet the challenge that our clients have given us, and is investing $52m in additional bottling capacity and warehousing infrastructure over the next 18 months:

1) We are upgrading our Line 4 in Marlborough with a new 12,000bph MBF Filler in Vintage 2023 (early next year)
2) We have already started building a huge new glass storage and finished goods export facility right next to our Auckland bottling site. This will allow for efficient, sustainable glass deliveries into WWA and export container loading making it the sweet spot of the wine industry supply chain.
3) The following year, we will install a new 12,000bph bottling line installed into our Auckland facility. This will increase daily output by 7,500 cases/day and overall annual output by 1.65m cases.
4) We will also upgrade our capacity and sparkling capability at our Hawkes Bay plant, bringing another 600,000 cases p.a. capacity into our network.

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