bottlingWineWorks operates 9 bottling lines between plants in Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay and Auckland, with a total bottling capacity of 120,000 cases per day. We use several technologies new to New Zealand that ensure your wine is bottled better than you can do it yourself.

  • We operate world-class, high capacity bottling lines using electro-pneumatic filling valve technology to bring the industry’s lowest levels of Dissolved Oxygen pickups to your wine.
  • WineWorks is able to apply Stelvin Lux closures which are designed to significantly raise the perception of quality and value to high-end products.
  •  In each plant we can align logos on screwcaps with the front label, ensuring a perfect brand positioning on the bottle every time.
  • We have several specialty lines that are able to apply shrink sleeves, fill 187ml, 200ml and fill sparkling wine (both prosecco-style and carbonated).

Saint Clair Family Estate have worked with Wine Works Marlborough since vintage 2000 . The expertise and professionalism provided by WWM over this period of time has allowed Saint Clair to concentrate on its core business of making quality wine. We value the ongoing business relationship and view it as a win/ win partnership.

Neal Ibbotson, Saint Clair Family Estate