WineWorks began in 1995 to provide key bottling infrastructure for wineries. In the following 25 years we’ve grown with our winery customers, to ensure we have capacity for our customers in the New Zealand wine industry.

We’ve made (and continue to make) big investments in world-class technology, machinery and facilities, and of course our people.

Bottling, labelling, storage and distribution are highly specialised processes. WineWorks are industry experts. We have the expertise, experience and, coupled with our enthusiastic application of what we’ve learnt through Lean Manufacturing, make it easy for you. In this video, (Why WineWorks exists, which you can also click over to the right on the sidebar), our Managing Director, Tim Nowell-Usticke explains what we do for you.

For our customers, we see ourselves as the ‘gearbox’ of your business – we look after the ‘industrial’ side of bottling wine, and then store and dispatch it. This enables you to do what you do best – grow and market great New Zealand wines.

Our people are really what make WineWorks special – below is some stories of our team members and how they to where they are now at WineWorks.

Warrick De Waal

From hand stacking containers, to the plant leadership team; Warrick has enjoyed quite the ride with WineWorks.

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Michelle Mastapha

Michelle was looking for a new and challenging role in a New Zealand owned company, when she joined us in 2016.

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Zinzan Swartz

Zinzan started in Auckland in 2018 as an Apprentice Mechanical Engineer, working and studying for Level 4 Mechanical Engineering.

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Bale Turagabeci

Bale joined Wineworks as a Depal Operator, progressing through to a Filler Operator and now Fillroom Supervisor.

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Robson Silva

Robson travelled to NZ to learn English in 2007; working in vineyards and mussel processing before managing Marlborough's five lines.

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Tim Nowell-Usticke

I wanted to manufacture a product that had its roots in the soil, and importantly, to add value to primary production in New Zealand.

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Leonie Graham

Leonie has been with us since the start and is therefore well and truly considered an expert on all things WineWorks.

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Rangi McLeod

Back in 2000 Rangi met Tim, founder of WineWorks, who explained his vision for how the wine industry would grow; Rangi jumped onboard.

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Brian Ransley

Brian joined Wineworks in February 2011 as a Filler Operator.

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Sustainability has always been a key focus for WineWorks.

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Wineworks is one of the best run facilities we have audited this year, in fact, probably ever.

A UK Based Auditor, for one of the large retailers

We moved our warehousing elsewhere, but were back within a month.

Lisa Daysh, proprietor, Bridge Pa Vineyards