Back in 2000, Rangi met Tim, our founder of WineWorks, who explained his vision on how the wine industry would grow and Rangi wanted to be part of the growth.

With a background of working as a slaughter floor foreman at the local meat works for 6 ½ years, Rangi relished the change in role to a trainee filler operator back in the early days of Wineworks. Rangi is now one of our Production Supervisors.

Rangi originally wanted to be a helicopter pilot. Whilst that didn’t happen, one of Rangi’s most thrilling moments was flying a fixed wing aircraft….with a flight instructor though! Rangi loves being outdoors enjoying salt, and fresh water fishing as well as diving to put a bit of fresh fish on the dinner plate.

Rangi looks forward to coming to work, he is a great trainer and enjoys sharing his ethics and experiences with other staff.

When it comes Rangi’s time to retire, having been around grapes, he has indicated that he may even set aside a couple of hectares on his family’s farm to grow them.

To all involved at Wineworks I wish to say how much I appreciate the effort and willingness I received during this bottling run of 4 separate wines. I may at times request difficult operations and additional analysis or deviation of procedures on relatively small volumes that are never met with a cannot do attitude, rather how can we make it work. At the completion of this bottling run I felt everything had run like clockwork. Apart from me (with no hair) requiring a hair net as part of your internal BRC audit check. Keep up the great work. Good luck with this week’s BRC audits.

Dave McKee, Black Barn Vineyards