tankerThe WineWorks complete service package starts with us collecting your wine. We are committed to getting your wine to the bottling line when and how you want it to arrive.

To do this we have taken control of bulk wine delivery, investing heavily in tankers and VC tanks.

  • WineWorks operates a fleet of 26 tankers with a variety of compartment sizes.
  • We have developed New Zealand’s first transportable variable-capacity tanks to ensure that your wine is transported without ullage.
  • Pre-bottling testing is done immediately on arrival to double-check that your wine is in the shape you think it is.
  • In Marlborough we have partnered with transport experts Central Express to increase the quality and scope of what we offer the wine industry, and Wine Express tankers are now seen everywhere on Marlborough’s roads.

Saint Clair Family Estate have worked with Wine Works Marlborough since vintage 2000 . The expertise and professionalism provided by WWM over this period of time has allowed Saint Clair to concentrate on its core business of making quality wine. We value the ongoing business relationship and view it as a win/ win partnership.

Neal Ibbotson, Saint Clair Family Estate