Vintage 22 is in process, and the picking has started, ferments are under way, and if you made a guess, you will find it here. As per every year for the last 15 years, there is a crisp $100 note in in it for you if you guessed the exact tonnage harvested for the New Zealand winegrape crop.
Sweepstake entries closed on Monday Feb 28th, and here is the distribution of the guesses.

Closest to NZ WineGrowers published tonnage (due out round mid-June) wins. If you predict it exactly, you’ll get a crisp $100 note, personally delivered by me. If no-one gets it exactly, the prize will double, and a $100 note will go to each of the closest above and the closest below the published tonnage. I’ll notify you where you sit in the entries after the entries close.

Good Luck,