WineWorks is now lead sponsor of the HB Winemakers Charity Fine Wine Auction, in which all HB wineries get together to donate special barrel parcels to Cranford Hospice, and the public form syndicates to vie for the right to put them in their cellars. We are very pleased to support our wineries in this fabulous charity.

A tasting session before hand sharpens the senses for what you want, and how much to pay for it, and it is huge fun.
As a side-bet, a few of our keen wine-collectors in the HB team, put together by Mike Moloney, our container-shipping man, put together a syndicate of $100 each.

We had to be fast before everybody’s blood got up, so we slipped in to snaffle the first lot. Pictured is Dave Wenley, our inscrutable and unflappable CFO, who we all agreed was the man to look after our syndicate.