WineWorks have found a great use for hundreds of their unwanted wooden pallets by donating them to the TV Takeback Programme.  By recycling the pallets into the programme we are helping with the recycling of old televisions, which are packaged using the pallets to be sent for recycling. We send these from our plants in Marlborough & Hawkes Bay to Christchurch, where the South Island program is kicking off this month.
Some of you may ask why we don’t use them to send out your wine on, thus saving the cost of Cheps or export pallets, and the answer is that disposable pallets, by their very nature are at risk of breaking. We have had many occurrences of these pallets breaking, both with glass on them coming in, and with finished goods on them going out, so we put a stop to that practice several years ago. While we may be prepared to take that risk with some old TV’s for recycling, we are not prepared to take that risk with your wine.