Tim is re-standing for a second term on the New Zealand WineGrowers board. Here are a couple of notes from Tim about what he is standing for:

Who am I?
27 years ago I founded WineWorks, which supports wine industry growth by providing expert operation of packaging and supply chains to many of NZ’s wine brand-owners. We offer wineries access to the benefits that our scale can bring.

This enables wineries to multiply the value of bulk wine to high-value bottled product, thus benefitting our industry.

Why should I represent you?

I have been a Director of WineGrowers for the last 4 years. I have been on the environment committee, and been the board liaison for the upcoming IT transformation project, but I believe my best contribution to this board is I am not a winemaker and not a grower, thus providing a strong independent voice, with relevant business experience that provides a counterbalance to the other industry voices on the board.

My view is that it is in the best interest of our industry to capture as much value as is possible, by creating value here in New Zealand. It is dangerous for us to become too reliant on offshore inputs. It’s also in our best interest to encourage a resilient support network of associated businesses in contracting, transport, packaging and supply chain, which helps reduce the risks of offshore bottling.

What will I stand for?
I will support any initiatives that help our industry keep its value high and stay out of commodification. This means that I ‘stand for brand’ – the brand-owners of NZ should be capturing the value of their brand, and not giving it away to overseas retailers who create their own discounted brand, and thus take value away from the NZ-based vineyard owners. I will continue to promote the aims of Appellation Marlborough Wine – a group of wineries who together champion Brand New Zealand; standing for 100% New Zealand wine, made sustainably, for premium markets, and bottled in New Zealand.
I am realistic enough to know that offshore bottling is here to stay, but notwithstanding the economic drivers of a favourable exchange rate, and retailer power, whatever NZ Winegrowers can do to support the above goal, I will support.

If you would like to talk to me about this I would welcome the opportunity, email me via tim@wineworks.co.nz

For more information: check out the WineWorks Website to see what we do: www.wineworks.co.nz