WineWorks is now an official re-seller of KeyKegs in the New Zealand market; offering KeyKegs as a packaging option for both domestic sales and wine exports as part of its one stop solution for wine producers.

KeyKegs can offer significant efficiencies over glass bottles when shipping and warehousing because the lightweight, large volume kegs require less storage space and offer transportation cost efficiencies. Additionally there is reduced breakage and wastage compared to glass bottles, and no replacement costs of damaged, lost or stolen kegs because the kegs are non-returnable and 100% recyclable.

The unique laminated inner bag inside the high-tech PET container protects the taste and shelf-life of the wine.  For the on-trade, there’s the opportunity to offer ‘wine on tap’ which is growing in popularity because it helps restaurants and bars reduce waste, improve their environmental credentials, manage their stock more effectively and means they can offer customers a much wider range of fresh wines by the glass – appealing to all palates.

This new partnership means that New Zealand’s wine producers have a packaging technology at their fingertips which offers significant sustainability and cost benefits but also supports the hospitality industry.

For further information about sourcing or using KeyKegs, contact Jim Conroy

30L & 20L KeyKegs