Earthquakes, floods and power outages remind us that you cannot afford to disrupt your wine bottling program. Wineworks has done three things about this:
1) We have put together a disaster management plan that ensures that if there are minor issues that leave the plant standing, standby power and internet are available so that you can still keep your supply chain intact.
2)  If the plant is destroyed or inoperable, we can ensure that long-term customers have an alternative bottling solution. Please email Tim about this.
3) We have assembled a group of donors, including Mudhouse Wines, O-I glass, Guala Closures, Carter Holt and NZ Couriers to donate 5,000 cases of wine to the Mayor’s Relief Fund. a cheques for everal hundred thousand was this month handed over to Bob Parker.
4) Last month, both our plants ran a Red & Black day, and collected over $1,200 from the team (multiplied 10 times by our directors), and thus donated over $13,000 to the Red Cross.