As vintage 2018 is upon us, veraison is largely through, and the first clues will be coming out of the vineyards, you have until Wednesday 28th February to enter your best guess for the total national tonnage of grapes harvested throughout New Zealand.
Clues this year: Its been an awesome summer, and the heat has brought things forward, crops are looking good in all our regions. However, a lot of it depends on what happens this month during harvest, so get your long-term weather forecast out …
Check the chart below which shows the last 10 year’s tonnage, and consider your belief in the two year cycle of big year/small year/big year/small year, or whether you believe all the planting of the last couple of years will finally hit the presses.

Rules of the game: For those of you that have not played the tonnage sweepstake before, the rules are simple:

  • Guess a number of tons that New Zealand will harvest this vintage. Whole number of tons.
  • The number must be unique (if someone else got that tonnage first, you will be asked to select another tonnage), so first in gets the best guess.
  • Must be on the WineWorks newsletter database, or work with us at WineWorks.
  • Closest to the NZ WineGrowers published tonnage (due out round mid-June) wins.
  • There will be two prizes – a $50 note for the closest above the published tonnage, and a $50 note for the closest below the published tonnage. If you get it exactly, you get both $50 notes.

We’ll notify you where you sit in the proceedings after the entries close. It’s anybody’s guess, so don’t think that others know better – you can do it!

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