Sir Edmund Hillary often described himself as a ‘plodder’… and there is no shortage of children like him in our schools today; no shortage of children with untapped potential for excellence. Sir Graeme Dingle and Jo-anne Wilkinson, Lady Dingle have taken up Sir Ed’s mission, and have a vision to improve New Zealand’s negative youth statistics. They continue to be relentless campaigners, supporters, fundraisers and champions of the charity’s quest to help young New Zealanders achieve their potential.

The Dingle Foundation have taken up the reins of the Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) and the Project K Trust. Sir Ed served as one of the first Trustees. They now run several proven programmes that lift the skills, self-confidence, motivation and achievements of young New Zealanders aged 5 – 18 years. These programmes help young people discover possibility – creating a youth population with a positive outlook and eyes open to the future.