This week WineWorks hosted a webinar with Ed Massey of NZ WineGrowers on Alternative Wine Packaging. Fascinating to have industry experts Matt Dicey of Dicey Wines and Chris Archer of Joiy present their experience of modern Bag-in-Box and wine-in-cans, as well as presentations by Packamama, Frugalpac and Green Bottle‘s refillable bottle solutions – all answering our need to deliver more sustainable solutions to our customers, that go a little bit further than the excellent progress the industry has made on lightweighting glass.
If you’re a member of NZ Winegrowers, you’ll find a recording of the webinar here: Alternate Packaging Webinar , otherwise there’s an FAQ sheet here, that we prepared, that will help your winery make decisions on alternative markets that go a step further.
Note the environmental impact claims below include all forms of sustainable winegrowing that are endorsed by SWNZ, not just carbon footprint. Energy consumption, water consumption, waste buildup and CO2 emissions are all important. These claims are of course the view of the presenter alone.