We are proud to share with you that WineWorks is now a certified Toitū carbonzero business.

For the last 18 months we have focused on how our business minimises its impact on climate change, whilst benefiting our clients with sustainable options to bottle here in New Zealand.

To this end, last year we joined the Toitū carbonreduce program to start measuring and reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We have now taken the next step and offset our emissions for the year through carbon credits, and committed to this for future years. We also continue to strive towards our goal of reducing our emissions by 30% by 2023.

We have carefully chosen a range of projects in which to invest for our Carbon offsets, some of which will also offer other benefits such as increasing biodiversity and empowering communities.

We are one of only a handful of businesses in the wine industry to have taken this step and the only Toitū carbonzero certified bottling company in NZ. We see this as an important step in doing our bit for the industry, our country and our environment.

The wine industry has always been good at sharing ideas and solving problems together, so if we can help you with this please make contact – we would be happy to share our experience and help where we can.


Where did we invest our carbon credits?
While we continue to work on reducing our emissions, we offset our baseline emissions through purchasing carbon credits. It was important for us to invest the offsets with New Zealand projects where possible (80%), and the balance in high quality international initiatives;

• 40% with Spray Point Station: Named after the Spray River on which the property boundaries, Spray Point Station is a family owned and operated working farm in the upper Waihopai Valley in Marlborough. A former grazing block has been fenced off and registered for carbon sequestration, which offers another point of diversity for the farm alongside accommodation, hunting and tourism.

• 40% with Native Forest Restoration Trust’s Puhoi Far North regeneration project. Located 40 minutes east of Kaitaia, the Puhoi Far North Reserve is almost 300 ha of mature forest and regenerating shrub land. Purchased in 1995 to save it from logging and pine plantation it is now one of the largest privately protected bush areas in the Far North and boasts an array of recognised special biological values.

• 10% on a fair-trade project based in India, moving communities to renewable biogas cookstoves, and

• 10% on a portfolio of Gold Standard international projects, including the establishment of wind and solar energy programmes.