The Opening of our new warehouse was a casual affair, a thank you to our clients, the builders, and our team for finally getting this massive building up and filling. We would like to thank you for your patient partnership and understanding during the last few months. Providing on-time and accurate service has been very difficult when operating from several buildings, and in the face of severe space constraints. These conditions have been very difficult for our staff to operate in and we know we have not always met your expectations. Please accept our apologies for this.

The opening of our Warehouse E is a critical step in restoring our service levels to the standard that we ALL expect.  Our next step is to get all stock on one site and in one system, and focus on getting back to our standard operating procedures within our internal systems.

We made a tremendous timelapse of the construction which shows the whole thing being built in 2.4 minutes: Check it out here. Also a couple of articles have been published by Marlborough Express, one on the moa-hunting artefacts that we found when clearing the site, and another on the opening itself