Jason joined WineWorks from Amcor in March 2007 as Production Night Shift Filler Operator. He was then promoted to Production NS Supervisor.

However, Jason had been a junior Engineer at Amcor and he soon decided to continue to pursue that career with us, joining the Hastings’ Engineering team in 2010. In January 2015, Jason started his Adult Apprenticeship studying on and off the job, to become a certified Level 4 Mechanical and Maintenance Engineer. Given his experience so far, he was assessed as having completed a number of credits which gave him a kick start towards his qualification.

WineWorks is supporting Jason through Competenz and the open Polytechnic in Taradale, where he is required to complete six assignments per year over three years. Our Engineering team on site guide and assist Jason’s learning on the job and a tutor from the Polytechnic visits Jason at WineWorks every two months to sign off these practical aspects of his study. Although he has limited spare time out of work, Jason is committed to a number of hours to read various manuals and course notes, complete written assignments by correspondence all in the required time frame.  As Jason puts it, “time management”  is a learning curve on its’ own.

Whilst the course is a major investment of time and energy, particularly for Jason, he and WineWorks believe that the chance for him to become qualified whilst working in the industry he loves is a great opportunity and absolutely worth that commitment.