The first grapes of the 2021 vintage have already been picked, so that means it time to get your forecasting tool out, to secure your chance at being the recipient of a crisp $100 note! There’s a bit of grimness out there as mother nature has been playing her tricks all over the country – frost, wind and rain at all the wrong times!  … But what’s the long-range weather forecast looking like? Then have a look at the history of the last 10 vintages below…

You have until Sunday 28th Feb to fill out the entry form

Rules of the game:
For those of you that have not played the tonnage sweepstake before, the rules are simple:

  • Entry is free.
  • You or your winery must be on the WineWorks newsletter database, or be part of our WineWorks team. This includes our supplier mates of course.
  • Make your unique guess of the tonnage, somewhere between 300,000 and 600,000 that New Zealand will harvest this vintage. No need to round it to the nearest 1,000, because if someone else got that tonnage first, you will be asked to select another tonnage. First in gets the best guess.
  • Closest to NZ WineGrowers published tonnage (due out round mid-June) wins.
  • If you get it exactly, you’ll get a crisp $100 note. If no-one gets it exactly, the prize will double, and a $100 note will go to the closest above the published tonnage, and another for the closest below the published tonnage.

We’ll notify you where you sit in the proceedings after the entries close.
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