Every year this century, WineWorks and Trinity Hill have selected teams from throughout the industry, and battled it out for the magnificent trophy on the left there.

It is a day of two halves – fine cricketers attempting to relive their past while mounting up an injury count that would have the scrutineers of ACC reaching for the red card. As well as un unrivalled day of fun, sportsmanship and camaraderie.

To all involved at Wineworks I wish to say how much I appreciate the effort and willingness I received during this bottling run of 4 separate wines. I may at times request difficult operations and additional analysis or deviation of procedures on relatively small volumes that are never met with a cannot do attitude, rather how can we make it work. At the completion of this bottling run I felt everything had run like clockwork. Apart from me (with no hair) requiring a hair net as part of your internal BRC audit check. Keep up the great work. Good luck with this week’s BRC audits.

Dave McKee, Black Barn Vineyards