Every year, WineWorks holds a Sweepstake for guessing the number of tons harvested in the coming vintage. This year we saw a record number of entrants, who were keen to predict just how much more we would harvest than last year’s record 457,000 tons. Well firstly, it wasn’t how much more – it was dramatically less! This year the Doom and Gloom merchants were on the right side of the betting ledger, with NZ WineGrowers CEO Philip Gregan informing us that the vintage dropping 19% to 370,000 tons! This is a significant drop from last year’s 457,000 tons. The red circle shows those who were in the zone, and even though no-one guessed exactly 370,000, the two closest were Philip Gregan (the head of NZ WineGrowers – wtf? … Steward’s enquiry under way) and Liarnn Harris, WineWorks Auckland’s planner.  2 x crisp $100 notes will be presented to these two geniuses shortly. Actually 1 genius and 1 other genius until proven otherwise!

Click here to see just how wrong you were, or at least to check everybody else’s entries!