We’ve all become conditioned to expect instantaneous service, with lockdown encouraging us to source our usual supplies online, be it via Amazon, Ezibuy or your own wine club. Alongside this is client expectation that it will be there tomorrow. Direct to consumer is the new focus.

Wineries that are packing and dispatching from the cellar door can be adding delays and extra costs to orders; taking staff away from other value added roles, incurring higher freight costs, duplicating stock management, added packing costs as an order is touched multiple times, etc

Automation is the key, something that WineWorks has been doing for a long time, and after your consumer has pressed the ‘buy now’ button, the use of WineWorks as a ‘black warehouse’ that spits out a pick order seconds later is the future.

WineWorks operates this country’s largest wine warehouses, including world class IT systems capable of integrating directly with a winery’s POS system, stock management or accounting packages such as Vinsight, Exonet or Xero etc to allow order submission without delay.

If you are interested in how our direct data connections via API’s can integrate your wine orders with your fulfilment process at WineWorks, please contact Jan.